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Elering is technologically upgrading its electricity and gas market data hubs combined under the Estfeed brand for the purpose of sustainably servicing the business requirements of energy services.

The development schedule for Estfeed data hubs is Q1 2022 to Q2 2023. The development process will be conducted in parallel with the existing information systems and the implementation period of the upgrades will be agreed on with rules and regulations, e.g. a new process for changes in suppliers, and/or technical guidelines for changes in suppliers.

The Estfeed data hub will ensure the following main processes on the electricity and gas markets:

  • process for change of supplier and the exchange of messages describing it
  • process for transmitting metering point data and metering data
  • process for network operators to transmit network invoices
  • channel for exchange of information between sellers and network operators
  • registration process
  • administration of uninterrupted chain of open supplies and balance portfolios (balance regions)
  • aggregated reports for balance settlement
  • data exchange with energy services and access rights based on roles, including the administration of access rights on the basis of rights determined by legislation or the approval granted by the market participant in relation to a metering point


The energy companies related to the development of Estfeed are as follows:

  • Electricity companies: network operator, line possessor, producer/operator, closed distribution network, charging point, open supplier, balance provider, system operator, aggregator
  • Gas companies: network operator, open supplier, station operator, balance provider, system operator
  • Other energy services that apply for access to metering data, provide energy services or implement other measures for improving energy efficiency for the equipment or premises of the final consumer