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Proceedings related to the connection process, coordination, and preliminiary studies as also the data exchange related to these activities are carried out in the transmission grid connection information system.

The connection process is regulated by § 42, section 2 of the Electricity Market Act, which is the basis for the Grid Code as confirmed by Regulation no 184 of the Estonian Government. Chapter 5 of the Grid Code sets the requirements for connecting a client’s electrical equipment to the network operator’s electricity distribution network.

The process for connecting to Elering’s electricity grid comprises the following steps:

  • Preliminary study and technical conditions for connecting
  • Submission of an application to connect to the grid and signing of the grid connection contract
  • Elering activities related to the construction of a connection point
  • Testing period and full switch-on of the connecting power station

Also, when connecting bigger power plants with distribution networks, coordination with Elering needs to be obtained.

As a rule, when connecting to the transmission network managed by Elering, the Elering substation is the optimal connection point. The location of the substations can be studied on the map of the Estonian power system.

The brochure "Guide to Connecting to the National Transmission System" gives the summary overview of connecting to the grid.



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