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In its service area, Elering provides the following network services to consumers, producers, power line operators or other network companies:

  • on application, connection of properly configured equipment to the network in its service area;
  • on application, modification of consumption or production conditions;
  • use of the network connection from a connection point;
  • transmission of electricity through the Elering network to or from connection points;
  • installation of legally approved measurement equipment in the network;
  • collection and processing of measurement data.

A network connection is an electrical connection between a network and other electrical equipment.

Use of a network connection means using network services through the network connection.

Transmission means passing electricity through the main grid network.

Elering signs a contract with its clients for the sale of transmission services, which covers:

  • an electrical design plan, which shows the connection points and the ownership limits of electrical equipment;
  • terms of use, which set a maximum permitted consumption capacity, the maximum permitted duration of planned outages, and the expected repair times for other outages;
  • a list of measuring devices for the electricity transmitted;
  • relay protection and automation equipment and the secondary equipment that is most important for system reliability, and the conditions related to these;
  • an agreement on the switching operations of electrical installations, stating which party gives the order for switching, which administrates it, and which carries it out;
  • the standard terms and conditions.

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