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The network operator shall apply requirements on the quality of gas fed in to the network, which arise from the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure regulation "Gas market operation network code" (in Estonian).

Producer’s obligation with regard to quality of gas

  • The producer must ensure that the gas fed in by it to the transmission network at any time meets the quality requirements and does not contain hazardous substances. If biomethane is fed in, the regularity of the submissions of conformity declaration or conformity certificate and the permitted limits for hazardous substances shall be agreed on between the producer and network operator on the basis of standard EVS-EN 16723-1. If gas fed in by the producer does not meet the gas quality requirements or contains substances hazardous to the health, the network operator has the right to restrict and if necessary block gas being fed in to the transmission network.
  • Before the initial flow of gas is opened, the producer must submit to the network operator a conformity declaration or conformity certificate issued by an accredited agency, proceeding from laboratory analysis of gas produced from the war material, risk analysis for the production process and requirements set forth in the standard for substances hazardous to the health, property and environment.
  • if the connection contract agrees on several different raw ingredients for gas production, the procedure is obliged to immediately notify the network operator of changes in the raw ingredient used for gas production. The network operator’s control system must be notified in a form reproducible in writing three business days before a change in the raw ingredient used for gas production.
  • To adopt a new raw material in a producer installation connected to the gas network, the producer must submit, at least 30 days before the adoption of the new raw ingredient, a notice regarding change in the type of raw material pursuant to the form to be submitted additionally to the connection application in the case of a producer connection specified in clause 1.1 of annex 1 of the connection conditions, and a agreement ton amendment of the connection and/or network contract must be concluded. The producer must also, before adoption of a new raw material, submit to the network operator, results of gas conformity evaluation pursuant to the conditions set forth in clause of the connection conditions.
  • “New raw ingredient” shall be a commodity whose use in the producer installation was not agreed on in the connection contract.