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The following annexes must be submitted along with the connection application:

  • location map on to which the existing or desired location of electrical installation and connection point shall be inscribed along with coordinates;
  • schedule of the customer’s activities up to the feed-in of gas;
  • consumer and/or producer’s connection parameters;
  • consumer and/or producer 24h profile during peak periods;
  • consumer and/or producer 24h profile during summer and winter period;
  • production unit’s technological scheme and description;
  • data and specification for production equipment.

Elering shall invoice the customer within 3 business days of submission of application for the connection processing fee. Elering shall notify the applicant within 10 business days of receipt of processing fee if there are any problems with the connection application. After such a notification has been sent by Elering, the customer has 20 business days for eliminating the shortcomings in the connection application. When all problems in the application or the corrected version have been eliminated, Elering shall contact the customer within 10 business days saying that there are no problems or, if they were present, that the connection application has been accepted

The connection offer shall be presented to the customer within 90 days of acceptance of the connection application.


The connection contract specifies the following:

  • the locations of the connection point and the metering point(s);
  • the works in the transmission network that must be undertaken to establish network connection;
  • the consumption or production conditions for the network connection to be established;
  • the deadline for readiness of the connection;
  • the amount of the connection fee and conditions for payment of the fee;
  • conditions for ensuring network connection;
  • conditions for amendment and termination of the connection contract;
  • other terms and conditions.

The connection offer is valid for 180 days, during which time the customer must sign the connection contract.