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Latvian and Estonian natural gas transmission system operators, JSC "Conexus Baltic Grid" and Elering AS (hereafter referred to as TSOs), are initiating a public consultation on proposed amendments to the Common Regulations for the Use of Natural Gas Transmission System (hereafter referred to as Amendments). The aim of this consultation is to gather input from stakeholders regarding the draft Amendments.

AS Augstsprieguma tīkls, Elering AS and Litgrid AB (the Baltic TSOs) have prepared the concept for the Baltic balancing capacity market, including the relevant methodology proposals according to the contents of the Electricity Balancing Regulation ((EU) 2017/2195 hereinafter EBGL).

Previously, the rules for allocating cross-zonal capacity for the exchange of balancing capacity or sharing of reserves (according to EBGL article 41(1)) and the rules for joint procurement of balancing capacity (according to EBGL articles 33(1) and 38(1) have been publicly consulted.

Elering submitted to the public consultation the ten-year development plan of the Estonian gas transmission network for the period 2023-2032, which provides an overview of the investments made in the gas transmission network, development plans, and the security of gas supply in Estonia.

All market participants were able to familiarize themselves with the development plan and give feedback. The deadline for giving feedback was no later than 12.02.2023 by e-mail to

The Baltic system operators (AS Augstsprieguma tīkls, Elering AS and Litgrid AB) present the energy market concept document for automated frequency restoration reserves (aFRR) for public consultation.

The document provides an overview of the parameters of the aFRR standard product (i.e. the definitions to which the service provided by market participants must meet), the processes related to the submission, activation, and clarification of offers, and the roadmap for joining the pan-European aFRR market platform, i.e. the PICASSO platform.

The Baltic system operators (AS Augstsprieguma tīkls, Elering AS and Litgrid AB) submit proposals for public consultation on a capacity market based on frequency reserves.

We ask market participants to express their opinion no later than November 20, 2022, by filling out the attached feedback form. Please submit your feedback in English. Please send the completed feedback form to the e-mail address:

Elering and Conexus have started a public consultation on the amendment of the standard conditions of the joint network agreement of the Estonian-Latvian gas zone.

The change in the standard conditions is related to the ban on the import of natural gas from Russia by both Estonia and Latvia.

We are waiting for feedback from market participants until 18.11.2022. Please send feedback to and


Pursuant to Article 53 of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2195 of 23 November 2017 establishing a guideline on electricity balancing (hereinafter – EB GL), all transmission system operators are required to implement 15 minute imbalance settlement period (hereinafter – ISP).

Elering and Energy Authority Finland invite all stakeholders to take part in the public consultation for the parts of the Interconnection agreement that are relevant for external stakeholders, mainly for network users (shippers) based on INT NC article 4 section 1.

The TSOs of Estonia and Latvia have worked together and in co-operation with Lithuanian and Finnish TSOs to draft Common Network rules and Common Balancing rules to be applied in the common zone starting from 2020.

These rules have been drafted to be applicable in the common entry-exit system consisting of Estonia and Latvia.