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Under paragraph 591 of the Electricity Market Act, Elering must publish the following information on its website:

  • the forecast for electricity produced from renewable energy sources for the next calendar month and the next calendar year
  • data for each calendar month of the current calendar year of the amount of electricity produced from wind energy
  • the forecast for the amount of electricity produced from wind energy for the current calendar year, based on the actual amount of electricity produced from wind energy generated in previous months. This is due to the fact that, under the previously mentioned paragraph, producers of electricity from wind energy may receive subsidies until a total of 600 GWh of electricity has been produced from wind sources in Estonia in a calendar year. Calculations are kept separate for each calendar year.

Data on renewable energy production and forecasts are available in the linked file.

The following graph illustrates the amount of production subsidies paid to producers during 2010-2021 (millions of euros/years)

Subsidies paid to RES and CHP producers 2010-2021 (8 months)


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