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On Tuesday, Elering entered into construction contract with Merko Infra for the expansion of the Sindi 330-kilvolt substation. The work is a part of the project to establish the third Estonia-Latvia electricity connection.

A new 330-kilovolt line cell will be constructed, a 330-kilovolt transformer, 20-kilovolt reactors and relay protection and automation systems will be installed, and a foundation and oil containment system for the power transformer will be built at Sindi substation. An earthing loop, lightning protection, external lighting and fencing and paths will also be established. The work will be performed as a turnkey project covering design and construction, and delivery, installation, testing and configuration of equipment.

Besides strengthening the Estonian electrical connection between Estonia and Latvia, the expansion of the Sindi 330-kilovolt substation will boost Elering’s capability for regulating voltage – i.e. ensuring quality of electricity in the Pärnu region. Two 330-kilovolt overhead lines will be connected to the new line cell. One will lead to the Sopi near the settlement of Tootsi and the other via Lihula to Harku substation outside Tallinn.

Elering will purchase the transformer to be installed at Sindi 330-kilvolt substation in a separate procurement. The substation expansion will be ready by the end of 2020.

Last year, renovation of the 110-kilovolt part of Sindi substation wound up, costing over 1.9 million euros.

The work for establishing lines for the third Estonia-Latvia electricity connection started last year near Pärnu. The new connection is a key precondition for the synchronization of the Baltic states with the continental European electrical systems. In the project, Elering will establish new lines from Harku to Sindi and from Kilingi-Nõmme substation to the Estonia-Latvia border. In addition, the project includes renovation and construction work in five substations – Harku, Riisipere, Kullamaa, Sindi and Kilingi-Nõmme.

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