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Elering has taken control of renovation work performed by Merko Infra AS on Sindi and Vändra substations, which cost 3.17 million euros.

At the Sindi 330/110-kilovolt substation, Elering had the entirety of the 110-kilovolt switchgear renovated. Among other work, renovation was performed on the cell of the 110-kilovolt Sindi-Audru line, which is part of the third Estonia-Latvia connection project and 65 per cent of the renovation of which is financed by the European Union.

The Sindi substation is the most important substation in the transmission network in the Pärnu region. Four 110-kilovolt overhead lines, and three 330-kilovolt overhead lines including the Harku-Sindi line being built, are connected to it.

In Vändra, Elering built a completely new 110-kilovolt substation next to Elering’s existing substation. New foundations and oil baths were established for the substation’s power transformers, and noise barrier walls were erected around the transformers. An environmentally friendly oil trap was also established. Two 110-kilovolt overhead lines are connected to Vändra substation.

The cost of the switchgear at Sindi ended up being 1.94 million euros, and Vändra substation cost 1.23 million euros.

The volume of investments by Elering into the electricity sector will be approximately 50 million euros this year.

The establishment of the third Estonia-Latvia electricity connection is a key precondition for synchronizing the Baltic states’ with the Continental Europe electricity system. As part of the project, Elering will build new lines from Harku to Sindi and from Kilingi-Nõmme substation to the Estonian-Latvian border. In addition, renovation and construction are taking place at five substations – Harku, Riisipere, Kullamaa, Sindi and Kilingi-Nõmme. The new connection is planned to be completed in 2020.


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