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Transmission service tariffs from 01.07.2018 until 31.12.2018

From 01.07.2018 transmission service tariffs coordinated with Estonian Competition Authority’s 20.03.2018 decision No 7-3/2018-036 applied.

Category Name Unit Tariff
G1 Gas exiting the transmission network €/MWh 2.236
G2 Gas entering the transmission network €/MWh 0.000
  Transit €/MWh 0.035

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Category CAPACITY BASED TARIFF** Tariff as of 01.10.2016 (incl.) EUR/m3/gas day
(excl. VAT)
G3 Karksi entry point 0,0000
G3 Karksi exit point 0,0000
G3 Värska entry point 0,0000
G3 Värska exit point 0,0000
G3 Narva entry point 0,0000
G3 Narva exit point 0,0000
G3 Misso entry point 0,0000
G3 Misso transit point
(Misso-Izborsk / Misso- Korneti)

*To be paid according to the Capacity Allocation Contract

  Tariff as of 01.07.2018

**According to the Standardized terms and conditions for cross-border gas transmission service at Elering AS