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Transmission service tariffs from 01.01.2019

Transmission service tariffs 01.01.2019-31.12.2019 coordinated with Estonian Competition Authority: 

Category Name Unit Tariff
G1 Gas exiting the transmission network €/MWh 2.461
G2 Gas entering the transmission network €/MWh 0.000
  Transit €/MWh 0.035

The transmission tariff is established on the basis of the Natural Gas Act § 23 section 3 as to ensure that:

  1. The necessary operating expenses are covered;
  2. Investments are made in order to perform operational and development obligations;
  3. Environmental requirements are complied with;
  4. Quality and safety requirements are complied with;
  5. Justified profit is returned on the capital invested by the undertaking.

Elering may unilaterally change the price of network service under the point 1.6 of Standard Terms and Conditions of Contract for provision of network services in accordance with law and its conditions. Elering as a network operator has a in accordance with Natural Gas Act § 23 section 4 submitted the price of network service and the grounds for establishing such price to the Competition Authority for approval and has provided reasons for the prices set. The amended price is the basis for the sales of network services from the date it takes effect.

Clients do not have to communicate the readings of gas meters at the change of network service price. At the change of the network service price Elering will make a set-off based on actual consumption and will issue corresponding invoice.

According to the Natural Gas Act § 23 section 6 the network operator who provides a transmission service publishes the approved prices of the network service on its website and informs the consumers and distribution network operators of new prices at least three months in advance of the date on which such prices come into effect.