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The Competition Authority of the Republic of Estonia approved new gas transmission service rates that take into account the investments made in the Estonian-Finnish gas interconnection Balticconnector and the changes related to launching the joint Finnish-Estonian-Latvian gas market. The new rates will come into effect as of 1 January 2020.

In the case of gas released into the Estonian distribution networks from the gas transmission network managed by Elering, the service rate will be 3.64 euros per MWh per day. In order to deliver gas to the joint gas market encompassing the Estonian, Finnish and Latvian gas networks, traders are able to purchase transmission capacity for a period of one year, quarter, month, day, or periods shorter than a day. For example, the price for the one-year period product would be 142.77 euros per MWh per day whereas the price for the one-day product would be 0.59 euros per MWh. The gas transmission service rates for gas entering the joint gas market will be at the same level in all three countries.

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