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Elering aims to develop an energetics-centric IT infrastructure in cooperation with its partners that would offer all interested parties the chance for the development, marketing and use of smart solutions.

Significant influential trends in the energy sector include the integration of energy markets (single European energy market), the massive addition of geographically dispersed facilities with unplanned production cycles to the energy system, growing accumulation and consumption management options, climate politics and energy efficiency objectives, the addition of new types of market participants (ESCOs or energy service companies, energy cooperatives, aggregators, virtual power plants), the increased awareness of energy users and demand for new types of services, and the loss of boundaries between the energy, gas and heating markets.

All this means increasingly more unexpected energy flows, but also exponentially growing information flows in the energy system. Energy network management must adapt to the new circumstances, and networks must become smarter. The smart grid entails combined changes in the energy system resulting from the widespread deployment of information and communication technologies. It allows new services to be offered to consumers. People need neither electricity nor gas, rather heating and light with affordable energy bills. Therefore, efficiency needs to be found in the network and market access must be guaranteed for those market participants who want to offer this efficiency. The cheapest, surest, greenest energy is unused energy!

This sets out the energy transmission system operator’s choice of how to manage a changing and much smarter energy system. In order to guide the energy system’s transformation, Elering has created a network of companies to develop a smart software platform. The platform allows end consumers, energy service providers, scattered (small) producers and network operators to increase energy production, transportation and consumption efficiency with the help of near real-time data on energy consumption. Through this, in addition to electricity and gas system management, Elering is becoming an energetics smart grid administrator.


The technical basis for the Elering smart grid platform is the Estfeed data exchange layer. Through Estfeed, the platform can interface with various data sources and these data can be used in the applications desired.

Simplified overview of data flows.png

Elering has created e-elering, a client portal for the platform as well as for other smart energy usage applications. In the portal, consumers can view their own electricity and gas consumption data and give service providers mandates to access their data. In a specially designed information system, renewable energy producers can follow production data, submit applications for renewable energy subsidies, and conduct operations for certificates of origin for renewable energy production. The information system for connections to the transmission system is also available through e-elering, and third-party solutions for following the electricity and gas prices can be accessed.


Data flows and access management.png

Elering invites all interested parties to join the smart grid platform. Partners may be aggregators of both energy production and consumption, as well as those collecting other connected data and application providers whose data processing creates value for other market participants.


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