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On Thursday, Elering will attend the IT sector’s major event, Latitude59, in Tallinn for the first time, where it will introduce the latest developments in the smart grid field to application developers and the technology community.

“We will introduce the Estfeed smart grid platform and invite applications to join the platform. In addition, visitors to Elering’s demobox can use their ID-card on-site to log into the web-based user interface test version of e-elering’s customer portal Estfeed,” explained Elering’s Smart Grid Project Manager, Kaija Valdmaa.

For application development and energy service companies Elering’s smart grid platform offers security, control, access to energy consumption data and data related thereto, as well as a development and test environment and an opportunity to present their applications in the customer portal of e-elering. “For an ordinary consumer, we offer access and control to the personal data related to energy and energy efficiency applications in e-elering’s App Store,” explained Valdmaa.

Estfeed is a data sharing platform that connects data sources, applications and energy market participants on a central smart grid platform. Estfeed’s objective is to simplify data management and offer greater security and control over data exchange.

Latitude59 is a major technology event that brings together approximately 1,500 start-up developers, potential investors and partners. It is taking place this year for the tenth time. Companies from Finland, the Baltic states and Ukraine take part in the event with their ideas along with investors from all over the world.


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