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Fingrid has started to prepare a cross-border flexible resources project in cooperation with Estonia’s transmission system operator Elering and Åland’s transmission system operator Kraftnät Åland AB.

The aim of the project is to promote the integration of renewable energy into the grid and increase the flexibility of the power system through investments in flexible resources and smart grid solutions.

The project will comprise three parts:

  1. Development of cross-border transmission links to enable a cross-border flexible market
  2. Implementation of flexible resource and smart grid investments
  3. Implementation of flexible market platforms and related integrations.

The project will comprise four phases:

  1. Applying for a Smart Grid PCI (Project of Common Interest) status
  2. Establishing a project consortium for the CEF funding application process,
  3. Technical design phase
  4. Implementation phase

As one of the key requirements for PCI status is that the investment project subject to the application must have a significant cross-border impact on EU Member States, flexible resource projects with as large a capacity as possible, at least 1 MW and 1 MWh, are being sought for the project.

Applications must be submitted by e-mail no later than Monday 27th May, 2019 to

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