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In April, Estonian electricity production increased by 21 per cent in a year-on-year comparison, totalling 893 gigawatt-hours.

Electricity production from renewable resources grew by 22 per cent, reaching 138 gigawatt hours, while production from non-renewable resources increased by 20 per cent, reaching 755 gigawatt-hours.

In a yearly calculation, electricity consumption increased by four per cent, totalling 699 gigawatt-hours. The share of electricity produced from renewable sources was 17.6 per cent of domestic consumption in April.

Commercial imports of electricity totalled 124 gigawatt-hours, approximately a third of the import volumes of April last year. 54 per cent of this came via Estonian-Finnish connections and 46 per cent from Latvia. Commercial exports of electricity decreased by 23 per cent to 306 gigawatt-hours. Electricity was exported at a similar proportion as imports – 55 per cent of the exports went to Finland and 45 per cent to Latvia. Overall, commercial exports of electricity exceeded imports by 182 gigawatt-hours.

In Latvia, production increased by 24 per cent, totalling 735 gigawatt-hours. Similarly to March, production increased due to the significantly better availability of hydro resource, while the share of hydro and wind energy production was 72 per cent of Latvia’s gross production. In Lithuania, production increased by eight per cent to 183 gigawatt-hours and consumption by one per cent, reaching 793 gigawatt-hours.

In April, the total electricity production and consumption of the Baltics increased by 20 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively, in comparison with last year. The electricity balance of the three countries was in deficit by 255 gigawatt-hours, which equates to 12 per cent of gross consumption.

The electricity production of the Nordic countries remained at the same level as April of last year. Electricity consumption increased by one per cent and the surplus of the production was 813 gigawatt-hours.

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