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The average electricity exchange price in Estonian price area in June was 30.65 euros per megawatt-hour, the same as in May.

A difference in price between Estonia and Finland occurred only during four hours of all hours in June. The price of electricity in Finland was 30.64 euros per megawatt-hour, 0.01 euros cheaper than in Estonia.

Electricity prices in Latvia and Lithuania increased dramatically by 18 percent due to maintenance of the NordBalt undersea electricity cable between Sweden and Lithuania and the maintenance of lines. Therefore, the price in those price areas was 38.36 euros per megawatt-hour and a difference in price with Estonia occurred during 55 percent of hours. The average system price for the Nordic exchange Nord Pool was 24.61 euros per megawatt-hour, 13.5 percent less than the month before.

Electric power flowed from Estonia to Finland during 21 percent and from Finland to Estonia during 72 percent of hours in June. During the rest of hours, there was no trade between the two countries. On the direction towards Estonia, the whole power given to the market was used up during two hours.

Electric power flowing between Estonia and Latvia was directed towards Latvia at all hours of the month and all of the power given to the market was used during 410 hours or 57 percent of the time.

Elering earned 845,000 euros from the provision of cross-border capacity distribution in June.

The price for carbon dioxide emission quotas, which influences the price of electricity production, fluctuated in the region of 4.77-5.17 euros per ton in June, while prices in May were between 4.34-5.19 euros per ton.

Based on futures transactions conducted on the last trading day of June on Nasdaq OMX market, the electricity exchange price in Estonian price area will be 31.2 euros per megawatt-hour in July.



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