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Estonian transmission system operator Elering launched an innovative technological tool Elering e-Gridmap that with a mouse click calculates the connection cost to the Estonian transmission grid; the tool is especially convenient for developers and investors of Green Energy projects when calculating their CapEx and Return On Investment based on the project's location and capacity.

"One of the main drivers for reaching Europe's Green Deal targets is decarbonisation of electricity production and the key here is efficient integration of renewable energy," noted Taavi Veskimägi, CEO of Elering. "The key question for an investor choosing among potential sites  for production is the access to grid and connection cost and time. A digital tool like Elering e-Gridmap cuts red tape and makes life easier to a potential new type of investors who we need to decarbonise entire EU energy system“.
According to Mr. Veskimägi, the Elering e-Gridmap available at allows an investor to look for any transmission substation in Estonia, and calculate necessary potential CapEx with yearly time fragmentation to get production facility connected with the grid.
The Elering e-Gridmap is a fully automated solution, which allows any user to analyse potential locations and several alternatives for developing a renewable electricity production facility at any given time. The solution includes Estonian TSO's investments into increasing the grid capacity and therefore creates a mid-term outlook for investors when assessing their production facility's capacity.
Characteristics of Elering e-Gridmap:

  • One-click tool for Green Electricity Investment
  • Helps to find the most cost-effective spot in Estonia, where to invest in a green way
  • Displays free capacity in substations at any time
  • Allows to calculate the connection cost to the transmission grid based on current free capacity as well as the cost of increasing capacity

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