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Cybernetica won the international public tender by Elering to continue developing the energy data exchange platform Estfeed for the next three years.

Until now, the focus of Estfeed was to be a secure and reliable solution for Estonian energy consumers and producers to exchange measurable energy data and provide consent for data processing. The new tender concentrates on making the platform more scalable and user-friendly, so that integrating new data sources and consumers would be easy and convenient.

“Easy integration, good user experience and scalability are three main keywords for further cooperation, so that energy service providers could more conveniently and under the consent of the consumer access individual energy meter data and offer more personalized services. The wider goal is to activate the market of energy services in Estonia and abroad for keeping up with the changing energy system that is defined by the increase of renewables, distributed production, consumer engagement and the shift towards efficiency. We also need smart solutions to ensure security of energy supply in conditions were the sun is not shining nor the wind blowing. Due to tightening of international regulations on personal data protection, as well as administration and access, we can see more and more interest towards Estfeed in foreign countries. Cybernetica is a strategic partner for Elering to ensure a secure, reliable and scalable Estfeed,” said the Project Manager of Estfeed, Kaija Valdmaa.

"We are glad that Cybernetica's cooperation with Elering continues. We have been a part of Estfeed’s project since 2015 and contributed a lot with research and development. It is very important for us to move on with developing and updating the smart energy platform to facilitate the use of an innovative Estonian solution in Europe. Our goal is to improve secure exchange of energy data also abroad by sharing our experience and best know-how,“ added the representative of Cybernetica, Raul Mürk.

Estfeed is a solution created by Elering and Cybernetica to securely and verifiably exchange data between the parties interconnected to the platform – between the data sources that store or provide the data and the data consumers which are energy services interested in using the data. Estfeed intermediates mainly personalized meter data of electricity and gas, but also other public data related to the consumption and production of energy, for example stock market price of electricity and weather information. End users can access the platform via e-elering client portal, through which energy consumers and producers holding a network contract can access their energy-related data. Data consumers can connect to Estfeed via the member portal through which applications to join the platform can be submitted. All providers and developers of innovative energy services are welcome to connect to Estfeed.


Additional information:


Kaija Valdmaa
Project Manager of Estfeed
Phone: +372 5344 8048

Raul Mürk
Representative of Cybernetica
Phone: +372 507 2517



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