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Before energizing and starting with tests Elering makes sure that previous stages have been completed, data for energizing and carrying out the tests required by signed contracts and Grid Code is submitted to Elering, energizing plan is accepted. If these conditions are met, temporary grid contract is signed.

One month prior to the energizing of Applicant’s electrical installation, SCADA signals testing is performed according to the approved table of information volumes in technical project of electrical part and corresponding report is completed including confirmations that all signals are working properly. If requested, the report is presented to Applicant. If the testing of generator’s signals is not possible prior to energizing, the testing of signals is performed before synchronization of generator.

Applicant’s electrical installation (transformer, line, and other) is energized after the signing of the temporary grid contract. Production unit’s generator should not be connected to the system. After energizing Applicant’s electrical installation a separate application needs to be filed for synchronizing production unit (generator/s) with the electrical grid, for which separate permits are issued in terms of performance.

After energizing Applicant’s electrical installation the Applicant will organize its technical revision and certification of fulfillment of requirements will be presented to the network operator within 5 days from certificate issuing date.

For commissioning Power Plant production unit and check Grid Code compliance, tests related to the power grid and electricity production unit are conducted. Test plan is agreed upon by the network operator. Power Plants’ tests are carried out according to Elering AS conditions for connecting to the grid (paragraph 3.9 and Annex 3).

The Applicant needs to inform Elering about beginning of the test at least 7 days in advance and must also inform when the tests are completed.

According to test results the qualified measurer prepares a report, which evaluates the power plant operation characteristics, quality and compliance with Grid Code and other requirements subscribed in connection agreement and Grid contact. Elering evaluates the results of the measurements for the compliance of norms.

Measurements must be carried out by the qualified measurer and measurement results must have provable traceability in the meaning of § 5 of Measurement Regulations. Further information can be found at: Estonian Accreditation Center website www.eak.eeor European Cooperation Organization (EA) website

After viewing report of the test results it is decided whether it is proven that the plant is corresponds to the requirements of the Grid Code and contracts between Applicant and Elering. If the report shows non-compliance with the requirements, Applicant is asked to identify the cause, the possibilities and time to eliminate it and carry out new tests, this case a new report must be submitted. Elering provides an assessment to report in 30 to 60 days from the receipt of a report or a supplement.

If Elering decides that the volume and content of the report is adequate and the results confirm the eligibility of the power plant, then if feasible, within 30 days fault right through tests are carried out by Elering. If the testing is not possible within 30 days because of seasonal high flows of electricity, or due to abnormal condition of power grid elements, then the tests are conducted at the earliest opportunity without risking with loss of supply or voltage deviations departing from acceptable limits defined in general network service terms and conditions in other consumption points of network operator.

Elering prepares a summary of the fault right through test and submits it to Applicant within 10 days from conduction of experiments.

If the fault right through test is unsuccessful, the Applicant identifies deficiencies and submits a timetable to correct these. After elimination of shortages, repetition of the fault right through test will be agreed.

After the tests Applicant must tune its electrical installation models if necessary and verify them. Three months from the date of the test report submission, the Applicant presents Elering verified models with documentation.

After successful completion of fault right through test, termless network contract between Elering and Applicant is signed and the decision is made and confirmation is issued for subsidy payment according to the Electricity Market Act.

Electricity Market Act § 55 section 1 defines production unit to fulfill the requirements from the date the confirmation of production unit compliance is issued after testing period by the network operator into which grid production unit is connected to or if production units net capacity exceeds 5 MW by the system operator.

If the construction and alignment with requirements of electrical installation takes place in stages, the compliance of whole electrical installation to the requirements is determined after completion of each stage.

Each stage can be checked separately, if different installation stages have separate grid connection points and independent control, protection and auxiliary systems. There must be also guaranteed technical possibility to revise the various stages.

Subsidy payment starts after the date of issue of the test results report approval by the network operator.

If during the tests of next stage it appears that new electrical installations have been added to the previously approved stage during following construction process and as the result the whole electrical installation does not meet the requirements and individual stage testing was not possible, then subsidy payment is canceled starting from the date on which the network operator issued confirmation of production unit non-compliance with the Grid Code requirements on the basis of test report presented by producer.

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