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According to the Elering conditions for connecting to the grid all proceedings related to the connection process, coordination, and preliminiary studies as also the data exhange related to these activities are carried out in the transmission grid connection information system.

The data to be submitted is given in Appendix 1 (Est) to the conditions of connecting to the grid.

When submitting the application to connect to the grid, it should be remembered that:

  • The documents being submitted should cover the power station and also all equipment related to the power station, and the power lines and substations between the connection point and the power stations;
  • It should also be noted when designing the parameters for the power station that Elering runs simulations of how the power station and the electricity system will work together. It should also be noted that if the technical parameters of the power station change at a later stage, the technical solution for connecting to the grid and the connection fee could change, and in the worst case, connecting to the grid may become technically impossible.

Within 10 days of the application being submitted, Elering informs the applicant of any documentation missing from the application to connect. The applicant must submit the missing documentation within 20 days of receiving the communication from Elering. 

The connection proposal is made to the client within 90 days of receipt of the application to connect. 

The connection proposal is valid for 60 days, during which time the connection contract must be concluded.

The connection contract defines clearly:

  • the location of the connection point and the measuring points;
  • the level of the connection fee and the arrangement for payment of the fee;
  • conditions for ensuring the network connection;
  • changes to the terms of consumption;
  • conditions for changing or ending the connection contract;
  • completion date for the connection;
  • other conditions.

A connection contract is concluded when the network operator receives, by the last day of the validity of the connection proposal at the latest, the client’s acceptance of the connection proposal, and when the client has submitted to the network operator the data and documents listed in paragraph 32 of the Grid Code together with the application to connect.

The client must pay the first instalment of the fees under the connection contract within 60 days of the contract being concluded. The first instalment is 20% of the initial connection fee in the contract.
The second instalment is 50% of the initial connection fee in the connection contract and the payment must be made within 20 days of the construction tender winner being announced. Elering submits an invoice to the client within five days of the construction tender winner being announced.
The third instalment covers the remaining part of the total cost once the first two instalments have been subtracted.



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