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After the first instalment has been paid, Elering appoints a project manager and starts building work for the connection point, and as an initial preparation informs the client of the project manager’s contact details. Elering draws up plans for the construction of a substation at the connection point.

If the solution requires construction work to be done on land that does not belong to Elering, negotiations are started with landowners for Elering to acquire the land. If there is a question of compulsory purchase or if there are planning permission problems, Elering involves the local authorities in the negotiations. Once the land issues have been settled, the tender documents can be prepared.

The tender is announced when a tender notice and qualification conditions are posted in the register of public procurements and on the Elering website if it is a public procurement, or just on the Elering website if it is a qualified procurement. Applicants submit the documents required by the qualification conditions. Elering assesses whether these documents meet the requirements and informs qualified applicants of its decision.

When they are completed, the tender documents are issued to the qualified bidders. From the initial preparation of the tender documents to the announcement of the winning bidder usually takes about six months.

Bidders should base their bids on the Elering tender documents and the bids should contain technical solutions for the construction of the connection point. Usually about 4-8 weeks is allowed for the preparation of bids.

When Elering receives the bids it assesses whether they meet the requirements for the tender documents and identifies the best bid. The winner is decided in consultation with the client who is connecting to the grid. 
After the tender winner has been announced, the second instalment of the fee must be paid within 20 days. When the second instalment has been paid, a work contract for project management and construction work is signed.

Elering builds the connection point and other necessary installations like power lines as agreed in the connection contract.

When construction of the connection point is completed Elering assesses whether the work meets the project plans and requirements.

Once the connection point is completed the third instalment of the fee must be paid within 45 days and Elering sends an invoice to the connecting client within 30 days of the connection point being completed.


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