Elering to complete the reform of gas network maintenance

23.03.2017 09:18

Following a public procurement process, Elering signed an agreement with Eltel Networks AS to purchase the maintenance works of the natural gas transmission network and will begin to organise maintenance of the gas network with the help of an external partner, in line with what is already being done in the electricity network.

According to Elering’s Chairman of the Board, Taavi Veskimägi, the kind of working arrangement in which Elering will remain the contractor and supervisor of the maintenance works and a sub-contractor chosen with a procurement will carry out the work is the last substantial step on harmonising the general management principles of the gas system with successful practice in the electricity network. “It is a pleasure to state that the maintenance partner of the gas network is Eltel, who has proved to be a capable service provider on managing the electricity network over the years,” he said.

The estimated cost of gas network maintenance is 2.4 million euros per year. The maintenance agreement was signed for four years with the possibility of extending it for a period of another two years.

In addition to maintenance, part of the agreement involves small investments or repair works like exchanging lengths of pipes and insulation, installing repair clamps and works in gas stations. That will reduce the capacities of investment procurements. Also, the maintenance partner will have additional activities in relation to the construction of the Balticconnector gas systems.

The winner of the procurement, Eltel Networks, has to carry out trials in the gas network from the end of March until the middle of April, the successful execution of which will enable it to start implementing contractual work from the beginning of May.

The gas transmission network managed by Elering consists of an 885 km gas transmission pipeline, 36 gas distribution stations, three gas measuring stations and auxiliary equipment.