The Environment

 Elering is an infrastructure enterprise with strategic importance and our core business – to ensure the security of supply of Estonian electrical energy – is directly related to the environment and has a significant impact on it. Environmental protection is part of our relationship with the society and is linked to the wider responsibility in the principles and values of Elering’s activities. Therefore, constant assessment of environmental impact, both in the specific legal sense and in the wider comprehensive sense is the natural part of our daily operations.

For limiting the environmental footprint, it is important to further develop current measures and to find new measures. An assessment of environmental risks is an important art of the company’s annual risk analysis.

A significant part of our environmental activities are regulated by the environmental laws of the Republic of Estonia. For example dozens of different laws will need to be considered during the maintanance of transformers and the handling of hazardous waste. Exemplary compliance with these requirements is a natural part of our work process, and our staff have the knowledge, training and qualifications for this.

As well as our environment, Elering places great importance on the welfare of our staff. Operating the electricity system is a difficult process and requires strict adherence to work safety rules. This requires a good preparation by the employees and a responsible attitude from the employer. As a company we do everything we can so that our employees can dedicate to their work without worry.

Elering is guided in its activities by the following principles of environmental responsibility:

  • We inform our staff and suppliers of legal and other environmental requirements and ensure that we comply with them;
  • We avoid environmental pollution and reduce waste by using the best available technology;
  • We consume resources in a sustainable manner;
  • In tender documents we insist that suppliers act in an environmentally responsible manner and use environmentally sound technologies;
  • We publish our corporate environmental policy and environmental issues so that every employee can freely distribute them outside the company.