Elering to Include Its Partners in the Development of the Opening Electricity Market and Power Network

12.02.2010 10:36

With the first Power Network Development Council (Elektrivõrgu Arendamise Nõukoda) that was summoned today, Elering wants to include its partners and their knowledge in developing the power network of Estonia and Elering. Soon the second cooperation forum advising on the development of the electricity market will also start up.

Elering is acting in the public interest to make the decisions taken about developing the network and the electricity market even more transparent, so as to increase predictability for consumers and producers when they take decisions. “In the longer perspective, Elering has to look at least 50 years ahead in developing the security of supply for Estonia’s power network and strategic development so that today’s decisions will secure the supply to the Estonian electricity system. Exchanging ideas with partners when dealing with the everyday issues of developing the power network is a good way of making sure that decisions in the future are reasonable,” said Kalle Kilk, head of the Network Development Council and a member of the board of Elering.  In addition to the Power Network Development Council (Elektrivõrgu Arendamise Nõukoda), the Electricity Market Development Council (Elektrituru Arendamise Nõukoda) also advises on the development of the opening electricity market and will be summoned by Elering soon. The councils will add even more transparency to decision making, guaranteeing the security of supply of the electricity system of Estonia, and cooperation will also help increase the predictability of the opening electricity market and of strategic network management issues for market participants. The Power Network Development Council (Elektrivõrgu Arendamise Nõukoda) has up to twelve members. It consists of representatives of larger distribution networks, producers and large consumers, and if necessary additional and outside experts will also be involved in its work. The Council convenes at least once every four months.