Elering's scholarship programme

The scholarship program is part of Elering’s energy competence centre, whose goals are the promotion of energy-related education, the implementation of scientific and development projects, and an overall increase in awareness of energy-related problems and the role of energy in society. Elering scholarship program will give students the opportunity to work on issues which are important to the development of Estonia’s energy system as a whole.

Research topics for applying to the 2017 scholarship are:

  1. Electricity network development on probability conditions
  2. The impact of distributed energy producers on aggregated bus load
  3. Constructing a practical tool to forecast electricity load
  4. Correlation analysis of the production of wind parks and the capacity of transmission lines (based on statistics and measurements)
  5. The rate of usability and emergency of the power plants in the Baltic Sea region (using fast market messages of electricity exchange as a source of information)
  6. Analysis of large amounts of data and technical solutions for exchanging them (based on Estfeed, Elering’s smart grid platform)
  7. Regulations and standards of data exchange, cyber security and data protection related to energy

Requirements for scholarship applicants:

  • The applicant is expected to be a master’s or doctoral level student within the nominal study period throughout the scholarship payment period
  • If the applicant completes the master’s studies and begins doctoral level studies within the same year, the scholarship payments are continued upon undertaking doctoral studies
  • The scholarship is paid to support research on the topic specified by Elering 
  • The scholarship may also be used to pay for tuition fees at a university abroad 
  • The applicant of the scholarship is expected to have prior experience with the research topic, and the topic should be related to the master’s/doctoral thesis
  • The applicant is expected to allow Elering to use the results of research conducted under the scholarship agreement in the company’s operations
  • The applicant cannot be an employee of Elering

Documents to be submitted by the applicant:

  • Personal application, including motivation for applying for the scholarship, and reference to the research subject (from the list provided above)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Printout of learning outcomes
  • Essay (2-3 pages) – an overview of the research subject, and a vision of possible development areas within the subject
  • Confirmation letter from the academic supervisor regarding the applicant’s suitability

Selection procedure:

  • Each student who corresponds to the established requirements has a right to submit an application for the scholarship. The application is submitted to Elering
  • Elering reserves the right to ask for additional information and views from the applicant, the supervisor and lecturers
  • The decision about who will receive the scholarship is made by Elering
  • The scholarship is awarded to up to three applicants 

Scholarship amount and payout

  • Scholarship amount is 10 000 euros for one grantee
  • Scholarship is paid out in partial payments during calendar year

The deadline for the submission of applications is 31 March 2017.

Additional information and sending the applications at e-mail address Marion.Jehe-Paisnik@elering.ee.