Elering awaits student submissions for scholarship

13.03.2017 08:35

Elering is announcing a scholarship of 10,000 euros for energy and IT students with the objective of supporting master’s and doctoral students in researching energy topics that are relevant today.

The number of topics on this year’s sixth scholarship competition has expanded and the fields of smart grid and data exchange have been added to that of electricity, which means that we are also seeking applications from IT students. “The widespread deployment of information and communication technologies offers a choice for the energy system operator of how to manage the ever-changing and significantly smarter energy system,” commented Elering’s Strategy Manager Kalle Kukk. In order to restructure the energy system, Elering has created a smart grid platform that can increase the efficiency of producing, transporting and consuming energy by means of energy consumption and other data.

Research topics for applying to the scholarship are:

1.     Electricity network development on probability conditions

2.     The impact of distributed energy producers on aggregated bus load

3.     Constructing a practical tool to forecast electricity load

4.     Correlation analysis of the production of wind parks and the capacity of transmission lines (based on statistics and measurements)

5.     The rate of usability and emergency of the power plants in the Baltic Sea region (using fast market messages of electricity exchange as a source of information)

6.     Analysis of large amounts of data and technical solutions for exchanging them (based on Estfeed, Elering’s smart grid platform)

7.     Regulations and standards of data exchange, cyber security and data protection related to energy

Elering is awarding up to three grants worth 10,000 euros each. The deadline for the submission of applications is 31 March.

The energy scholarship programme is part of Elering’s social responsibility programme, the goals of which are the promotion of energy-related education, an overall increase in social awareness on energy-related topics, and supporting scientific and development projects.

Further information on the terms and conditions of the scholarship can be found on Elering’s website http://elering.ee/elering-scholarship-programme/.